What’s Next? Banning Toilet Paper?

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Sorry folks, I’m not just about shipwrecks, archaeology and sunken treasure. Part of me is dedicated to saving baby rabbits and toilet paper.

MISGUIDED EFFORTS? We all want to save the rain forests, in part because they are distant and exotic (and have many still-to-be-discovered plants and animals). But, part of the effort to save them has been directed at banning paper products on the belief that paper is part of the problem.

Baby bunny being fed with an eye dropper. Photo by Lauren Spence

The “rape” of the world’s rain forests is not being done for making paper. The destruction of the rain forests, which I am not condoning and am personally opposed too, is mainly for land clearance for farming, mining, roads & new towns. When not simply bulldozed and burned to get rid of them, the rain forests’ trees are logged for their wood (for building houses and making furniture). Either way its destroying critical habitat, habitat that doesn’t just protect exotic animals, but could hold the key to curing cancer.

In any case, paper is not the culprit. Virtually all of the wood used in the manufacture of paper comes from trees planted specifically for that purpose. Tree farms are one of America’s largest businesses. Those tree farms are the countless miles of pine forests we see along so many of America’s interstate highways and country roads. If we all stop reading newspapers, books & magazines there will be less need for paper and fewer trees will need to be planted. The tree farms will no longer be profitable and the land will be put to other uses. In the long run, as we move away from paper, we will lose most of America’s planted forests, and with them the millions of animals that shelter there.

So, if you truly love America’s deer, bears, wildcats, mountain lions, owls, hawks, eagles, and other creatures that inhabit America’s planted forests, and not just the more exotic sloths, jaguars, monkeys, parrots and poisonous, frogs of the rain forests, lets all keep reading hard copy as well the internet.

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