What are the true Motives behind declaring Titanic a Grave?

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These pictures will undoubtedly be used in the ongoing effort to have the Titanic declared a gravesite and prevent salvors from raising any more artifacts from the site.

What a shame and what a loss that would be. Do the advocates of such action on this and other wrecks not realize how much history & archaeology can be learned (and taught) from encouraging, not discouraging commercial salvage of shipwrecks? Do they not understand that humanity does not make a practice of leaving human remains in the wrecks of cars, trains and planes?

If and when human remains are discovered they should be raised and given a burial where people can come and remember and honor them.

Many of the people in the forefront of advocating that the Titanic and other wrecks be made grave sites are university and government archaeologists. These are the same people who think nothing of digging into an Egyptian tomb or a Viking burial even though those are truly burials. Perhaps they only want such wrecks to be declared burials to get rid of their competition. Commercial salvors would be barred, but academics like themselves would be allowed to “study” the site, and get rich from their books and pictures, even though their work would be paid for with your tax dollars.

I suspect that for some of archaeologists and scientists advocating the Titanic’s being declared a protected grave memorial, their true motives are based on personal greed, and their twisted hope of reserving the credit and glory for themselves.

To see the pictures go to this Associated Press article in the Chicago SunTimes.com article: http://www.suntimes.com/news/11913490-418/human-remains-at-titanic-shipwreck-site.html

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