Seeking position as Adjunct or Research Professor of Shipwreck History & Archaeology

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I am hoping to join a college/university as an adjunct professor and/or research professor. I think I could bring new students and additional recognition to the right college or university.

Adjunct professors have been jokingly described as those who do, and not just teach. I think I fit in that category. Although I have a passion for research and could stay holed up in a library/archives for months at a time (in fact, I’ve done exactly that), I have also been an innovator and doer all of my life, actually getting out and accomplishing things in the real world. I have made numerous discoveries in both the field and in the archives. My discoveries have ranged from the wreck of tiny Civil War submarine Hunley (called the “greatest underwater archaeological discovery of the Twentieth Century” by government officials) to purely literary. The Editors of Life magazine agreed that I had overwhelming evidence that Margaret Mitchell (who had always claimed her work was pure fiction) had actually based most of her Rhett Butler character on George Alfred Trenholm, a tall, handsome shipping magnate from Charleston, whose Civil War blockade running activities earned him today’s equivalent of several billion dollars in just five years. The announcement of both those discoveries made news all around the world.

As for the course/program I would like to offer as an adjunct professor. It would be unique. In a relatively small area, I have discovered the wrecks of a couple of 19th century steamers as well as the wrecks of a number of sailing vessels that date much earlier. I have already gone through a lengthy Admiralty claim process and been judged the “true and exclusive owner” of the wrecks. That ownership allows me to prevent (or in this case allow) others from disturbing the wrecks. I want to develop and teach a course using the wrecks as an underwater classroom. The course would include using the internet to research shipwrecks, and to identify artifacts. At least part would focus on basic preservation techniques. The major focus of the course would be to explain, demonstrate and teach remote sensing techniques, basic salvage techniques, and underwater archaeology.

Due to my past discoveries, I have what I believe is the necessary track record and reputation to make this work. I have used my name recognition to develop an extensive network through Facebook, LinkedIn and other groups (I now have over 30,000 total first level contacts, and if you include third level contacts, I can reach tens of millions of people), so I have the ability to get the word out there.

I already know that there are plenty of people who would pay well to participate in such a course. But I want them to college credits for taking it. That’s the major reason that I am looking for adjunct status. Financially speaking, the course would sort of be a joint venture between me and the educational institution that approves it. I would find external funding in addition to the student fees.

I also mentioned, that I am looking for status as a research professor. Right now I am in the process of doing historical research for a reference book to be called “Shipwrecks of the Old Bahamas.” I am using contemporary documents (so its all original research) and it is already a couple hundred pages (in standard book form), telling about hundreds of shipwrecks, with over 1,000 total footnotes. I would find the necessary grants to cover my salary and all related expenses, but what I want is to insure that I have a college or university’s seal of approval on my work. That approval will help open doors to allow me to do some of the diving that I need to do to get the underwater photos that I need to properly illustrate the book. I am sure some new discoveries would be made at the same time.

Are you someone who can help me make this happen? If you are, please contact me privately at

Thank you,
Dr. E. Lee Spence, underwater archaeologist

Pres., Sea Research Society, (13,900 Facebook members)

VP, International Diving Institute

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