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Greatest Shipwreck Discovery?

We keep reading superlatives connected with shipwreck discoveries. Are they true? Part is undoubtedly hype. Some companies release PR with bogus or over-reaching claims, hoping to increase public interest and raise the market value of both the salvaged artifacts and their company’s stock. Such claims make great headlines, so newspapers are eager to publish them. But, a […]

Treasure From Russian Revolution Found In St. Petersburg Mansion

A hoard of treasure consisting of jewelry and silver services bearing the names & crests of Russian nobility has been found hidden in Russian mansion. Such treasures have been hidden in almost every war, civil unrest, or armed rebellion throughout history. When families are dispersed, and the only person knowing the secrets is imprisoned, killed […]

Hoard of Italian Renaissance Silver Coins found on Greek Island

A hoard of fifty something Venetian, 14th century, silver coins in a small pot has been found by construction workers at Sagri on Naxos. Naxos was one of the Greek islands ruled by Venice from the 15th century to the early 18th century and the largest island (429 km2 (166 sq mi)) in the Cyclades island group in the Aegean. It was […]