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Seeking position as Adjunct or Research Professor of Shipwreck History & Archaeology

I am hoping to join a college/university as an adjunct professor and/or research professor. I think I could bring new students and additional recognition to the right college or university. Adjunct professors have been jokingly described as those who do, and not just teach. I think I fit in that category. Although I have a […]

Shipwrecks are in danger from natural causes, not divers!

There was an article by Joanna Carson in the May 8, 2012, edition of the Bellarine Times in Australia telling of efforts by archaeologists to rebury the 164 years old wreck of the coastal trading schooner Clarence. See “Huge Effort to Bury St Leonards Wreck in Time” These archaeologists are burying the wreck to save […]

What are the true Motives behind declaring Titanic a Grave?

These pictures will undoubtedly be used in the ongoing effort to have the Titanic declared a gravesite and prevent salvors from raising any more artifacts from the site. What a shame and what a loss that would be. Do the advocates of such action on this and other wrecks not realize how much history & […]

What’s Next? Banning Toilet Paper?

Sorry folks, I’m not just about shipwrecks, archaeology and sunken treasure. Part of me is dedicated to saving baby rabbits and toilet paper. MISGUIDED EFFORTS? We all want to save the rain forests, in part because they are distant and exotic (and have many still-to-be-discovered plants and animals). But, part of the effort to save […]

Hunley Commission & the South Carolina Constitution

The wreck of the Civil War submarine Hunley (which I found in 1970 and donated to the State in 1995)┬áhas been described by government officials as the greatest underwater archaeological discovery of the twentieth century. As such, it is clearly worth being preserved. But at what costs? Numerous articles in South Carolina papers have put […]

Senator McConnell’s Change in Political Office Bodes Well for Hunley

I just learned that on March 12, 2012,┬áSenator Glenn McConnell became the new Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina. That was actually a major step down in power for the senator who was head of the South Carolina senate and arguably the most powerful man in South Carolina. The change in job & title was not […]

Are we set for an Undersea Gold Rush?

Share on Facebook Is there another Gold Rush coming? Will this one be underwater in search of shipwrecks and their treasures? Major shipwreck treasure discoveries have been made in recent years. The technology needs to get better, but the fact is, we can now find and salvage shipwrecks in almost any part of the seas. […]

Repeal the Abandoned Shipwreck Act of 1987: Its Unconstitutional & Violates our Fifth Amendment Rights

End the arbitrary and unconstitutional seizure of private property!

Share on Facebook The American people are finally starting to realize the importance of the United States Constitution and their rights that are guaranteed under it. That is a large part of what the Tea Party, which is made up of Americans from all backgrounds and political parties, is all about. I hope those same […]