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Greatest Shipwreck Discovery?

We keep reading superlatives connected with shipwreck discoveries. Are they true? Part is undoubtedly hype. Some companies release PR with bogus or over-reaching claims, hoping to increase public interest and raise the market value of both the salvaged artifacts and their company’s stock. Such claims make great headlines, so newspapers are eager to publish them. But, a […]

Public Comment Sought: Regarding Shipwreck Sanctuary Expansion

Public comment is being sought (through May 25) regarding NOAA’s proposed expansion of the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in Lake Huron from its current 448 square miles to over 4,000 square miles. The expansion includes waters adjacent to Alcona and Presque Isle counties in the northeast of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. I have mixed feelings about […]

Senator McConnell’s Change in Political Office Bodes Well for Hunley

I just learned that on March 12, 2012, Senator Glenn McConnell became the new Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina. That was actually a major step down in power for the senator who was head of the South Carolina senate and arguably the most powerful man in South Carolina. The change in job & title was not […]

Are we set for an Undersea Gold Rush?

Share on Facebook Is there another Gold Rush coming? Will this one be underwater in search of shipwrecks and their treasures? Major shipwreck treasure discoveries have been made in recent years. The technology needs to get better, but the fact is, we can now find and salvage shipwrecks in almost any part of the seas. […]